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Gender Equality conference in Vietnam

Fair Wear Foundation, in close cooperation with the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC/ILO), is hosting the 2017 Gender Forum in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

During this three day event, businesses, governments, NGOs and trade unions will share solutions to help put an end to gender-based violence in garment factories, a persistent and widespread problem.

Factive’s Dean Laplonge is attending and presenting. Dean is currently supporting the work of the ILO in Myanmar to conduct a gender equality assessment in the garment sector.

For more updates, see the Fair Wear Foundation Facebook page.

Find out why a woman left the mining industry…

A female geologist in Canad explains why she left the mining industry.

Diversity is a hot topic these days in the mineral exploration and mining industry. It seems that no matter what conference you attend, someone will comment on the number of older Caucasian men that are in the room vs. people that are younger, female, indigenous or ethnically diverse. The discussion always leads to a consensus that the industry needs more diversity. While this true, I often find that the discussion fails to address the factors that may be inhibiting these groups from entering, and/or staying, in the industry. 

One summer, I was working in a camp of 20 people total, and the gender balance was evenly split among the team. I was washing dishes with a male co-worker on the third day of camp, so I had only met this man 3 days prior. Within 10 minutes of talking, he told me that he would probably cheat on his girlfriend this summer while in the field, and hook up with someone (no one in particular) while at camp. This mostly confused me; aside from the adult workers, there were 10 geologists total and 5 were female, and I think I was the only single female at the time. Did he automatically assume that the females in camp would want to sleep with him and he had his picking of us in the camp? Was he planning on making this happen at any cost even if we weren’t interested? Was he telling me he wanted to sleep with me? 

Read Anne’s full article HERE.

Women sick of sexism and discrimination in mining

CBC News today ran an article on sexism in the mining industry in Canada.

Getting training was an issue as well. Foster didn’t get to partake in some training that included physical labour because her supervisor didn’t want her to get hurt. But all the men were allowed to do the training, and Foster said some of the men were smaller than her. “That was hard on me.”

Read the full article HERE.

Gender Role with IFC in Myanmar

The International Finance Corporation is seeking a passionate, energetic and experienced Operations Officer with experience in women’s employment and private sector to be located in Yangon, Myanmar to support the implementation of an IFC Advisory project, Get2Equal Myanmar, supported by the Government of Australia and focused on improving business performance through closing gender gaps.

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